The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

School of Education - Library and Information Studies

Diversity and Community

We promote the concept of IDEA: Information, Diversity, Engagement, and Access to anchor the Department’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement. We recognize that diversity in how people look, think, know, and act results in differences in access to information, opportunities, and resources.

We actively work to reduce barriers to create equality in information access. Our faculty, staff, and students are engaged with our community, whether to learn with or about them, or to serve them.  Our extended community includes professionals, researchers, community organizers, and others concerned with information needs and solutions. We believe our community makes the difference in our students’ education and our research.

It is from this holistic perspective that at UNCG, we do something bigger altogether! Click on the following links for more information on our programs and initiatives:

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